Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Fifty Shades of Grey

"What's with Fifty Shades of Grey?", "How come everyone is talking about it?" THAT is a newbie's reaction. If you haven't read the trilogy books, you might be wondering right now if how come most women love the story when in fact 1/3 of the story is full of sex.

Well...simple. Christian Grey. A man whom every woman would love to have.
He is an epitome of an ideal man except for his dark side of course. He'll make every woman melt and dream because:

1. He will come for you STAT even when he's countries away. Tell him, "I wish you're here" and he'll immediately book the first flight, knock at your door and will say, "You said you miss me so I'm here now" How cool is that?

2. He will do any means just to communicate with you.
He is materialistic. We can all attest to that. He will buy you a macbook so you can send each other's messages thru e-mails. He will buy you a phone so he can call you and he can track your location just in case something happens to you.
If you give him a call while you're drunk, he'll come rushing for you just to save you from those assholes.

3. He will give you anything just to please you.
If you want flowers, he will give you a garden. If you like reading books, he will gift you the first edition of your favorite book. He will even buy you the safest car in the world. and when you ask him why, he'll just smirk at you and say, "Because I can"

4.  He is willing to change.
He has a very dark side but he's willing to  change and improve all of that just so you won't leave him. He's open for change and he will leave anything that's holding him back because you are his priority and he can't afford to lose you.

5. He hates it when you skip your meal.
He'll be mad at you when you don't eat.
Should I say more?

6. He can be so overprotective in a cute way. He'll buy every frame of your photo in a photographer's exhibit because he doesn't like to share every inch of you including your pictures. He's willing to spend thousands or millions on a competition just to win your first dance as a prize.

7. He's emotionally honest. He will tell you exactly that he's crazy for you and that he loves you so much. He will appreciate it if you put on that mini skirt or fitted dress. He'll be protective if you exposed a lot of skin with your clothes but he will still appreciate your effort and will compliment your sexiness.

8. He's unquestionably loyal. He only has his eyes on you even though a LOT of girls have their eyes on him. For him, you are the most beautiful and most sexy of all the girls out there. He's sooo crazily in love with you that he doesn't have interest on looking to other girls anymore. THAT'S how much he loves you.

9. He communicates. We all love that. Even at work, when he has time, he will always give you a message asking on how was your day or he will say thank you for that wonderful time which you spent last night. If he had a lovely date with you, he will verbalize it. If he appreciates your look, he never forgets to utter the sweetest and sexiest lines or sometimes he's very honest that he will let you know that you should not kiss him that much because you might not reach the bed when that happens.

10. He can propose.
Because he can.
and because he loves you so much that sometimes being on a dating relationship is not enough anymore. He wants more. Don't worry, he's prepared to give you that wedding which you dreamed of anyway.
Because he can.

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Friday, August 8, 2014

Love vs Reality

If you broke up with your partner because he just doesn't meet your expectations... don't sulk in and blame yourself completely. Chin up and give yourself a pat on a shoulder and say, "You did it". I won't say  "Good Job" because hurting someone is never an achievement. But praise yourself because you were able to not become an all gaga over love. You were able to see the other side of the story. You became more rational and more mature.

We have to face it... fighting for love against all the odds can be so tiring and disappointing sometimes. We all have to admit that sometimes, what we really wanted is a not so complicated relationship. It's okay to fight for what you believe in and to fight for whom you truly love BUT it's never okay if it's only one-sided.

In a relationship, both must mature and progress. The two of you should exert extra effort to correct and improve on what is wrong. When I say extra effort, It's like getting a score of 75 over 100 instead of just 50 over 100.

As you grow old and as your relationship grows old as well, you will realize that LOVE is not enough to make it last. Love is only a major ingredient. A cake won't be made as a cake without the eggs, sugar and icing. A million won't be called a million if a cent is missing...

Because in reality, if you wanted to be truely happy and stress free, both of you should also become stable, responsible and mature. Unless both of you are now in the 60's or 70's of age, the two of you should be capable of helping each other out. You are still young! You deserve to enjoy the moment so slack off those drama every day. It's okay to have some drama, but if the sad and disappointing moments overpass the supposed to be in love and enjoyable moments, then you should think again. If it seems everything and everyone just goes against your relationship and only one is fixing the problem, then close your eyes, gather all your strength and say, "I need space" or "We need to break up". Remember, it takes two to tango. You can't fight a war without a gun. You need each other. If the other one is not interested or is not making an effort in fixing what is wrong, then it's time to give up.

If there's something wrong on a relationship and it can't be fixed and it keeps on coming back and it keeps on getting worst, then it's time to let go. Get out of that complicated situation before its too late. You deserve to be happy. Hell, girl, you deserved to be pampered.

Because in reality, it's not really just about the kisses and i love yous.
It's also about having the assurance that you are heading to the right direction, that  both of you are capable of building your future. If you always had doubts, let go and move on. Hey! it's not easy to be the first to break it up and but it's also not easy if you are always disappointed with your partner. Don't worry. Everything will eventually turn out right.

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Friday, June 6, 2014

Lost Passport

Have you ever been outside the country? Are you the type of an individual who doesn't have a habit of organizing your things and keeps on forgetting where you put your stuff? and Can you imagine the worst thing that might happen if these type of situations are combined? Well… easy answer. Overseas+Unorganized+Forgetful= LOST PASSPORT. Hahah. Yayks.

Lost Passport means worst reality. I swear. Never mind those lost money or lost clothes because they can easily be replaced. Well, you can also replace your passport but if you’re on a tight schedule and you’re in a foreign country, it’ll be a disaster and a big hassle on your part to process the replacement and since you are lazy and a novice when it comes to this stuff… how can you manage the problem?

  1. 1.       DON’T BE FORGETFUL

You should always know where you have recently put your stuff. This might really be a challenge to some because believe it or not, we do forget a lot of things most of the time especially when stressed or exhausted. Have some rest, eat healthy foods, exercise and try be stress free once in a while. But what if you really are forgetful???

  1. 2.       ORGANIZE.

Well…since you have a habit of forgetting where you have recently put your things, then it might be better if you learn to organize. Grab a small drawer or a container and put your important things there. Separate your travel documents and organized it as highly important because losing your passport or visa can really be your worst problem. One advice from me is to use a transparent envelope or paper organizer so you can see what’s inside immediately.


Before I lost my passport, I threw this large envelope where it contained some papers and my passport because I had to transfer what’s inside to a smaller envelope. So I kept on thinking before that maybe I failed to transfer ALL of the things that’s inside from the large envelope and maybe I also threw my passport because I failed to check if there are still things remaining in that envelope. For a few days I kept on asking myself, “what ifs”. So always make it a habit that before you throw, be sure to check everything first.

  1. 4.       ASK FOR HELP.

If you can’t find your passport, ask your family/friends and colleagues first. Ask them when was the last time they notice you holding your passport. You might be shy and hesitant to ask them at first but believe me… it’s better to ask than to not have asked at all.  Before, I informed my family and they told me it was not with them either, then I asked my few colleagues whom I am close to though no results as well. And when I asked one certain colleague, she told me she just saw it recently and that it might have been with our manager already. And that was the time when I realized…yeah, it’s with my manager the whole time. SILLY ME.

  1. 5.        RELAX and PRAY.

If you will panic, believe me. Nothing will happen. So just be at your relaxed state as much as possible and THINK. You can think better in that way anyway. When you have exhausted all your efforts though… learn to pray and ask for help. You can also ask for a miracle. Hahah. Promise, it does work sometimes.

I can say that it's really one of the worst moments of my life. I know I should have reported immediately the moment I realized it was lost but I knew before that it's somewhere hidden in our apartment or workplace, that I just misplaced it so I did not report it, So after weeks of sleepless nights and not having a peace of mind… I realized that my passport is with my employer this whole time… I’m forgetful, remember? haha.

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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Eleanor and Park Review

Lately, I've been into reading ebooks and I just don't know why... maybe because I hate wasting an hour of my time by just sitting on the bus staring at the horizon and thinking about how stressful my day will turn out in 3...2...1...

The truth is, I encountered this book before but there's not much of an interest on my part because Divergent is so popular I had it to read it first. So when my friend posted on instagram about this novel, I thought, "why not give it a try?" Reviewers say it will make you remember your first love again and it will make you fall in love again like what you did with your first boyfriend. I flip on the pages, I expected myself to cry or feel "aaawwww" or whatever... but I didn't... I did not like it at first for I thought it's a common story. A teenage boy and a teenage girl, who fell in love despite all odds and so on... I was even near the end of the story and I still didn't like it! I felt like I'm reading a story meant for teenager... 


When I reached the last page... as I reached the period... I stopped... and I suddenly realized...
That it was actually a BEAUTIFUL STORY... Double thumbs up to the great writer! actually, no, a high five for that!

IT IS BEAUTIFUL and I almost laughed at myself for only realizing it after reading the book and for not realizing that I was actually into the book the whole time.

I didn't fully realize that maybe the reason why I didn't like it at first was because that's how it was really supposed to be! Because that's what first love was like! All that cheesy, corny and childish stuff...
Because that's how it's supposed to be when you're a teenager and you are inlove! DUH? REMEMBER? haha. Now I know why I don't want to remember how corny I was on love during high school. Because I didn't know how shallow I was before! 

After reading that book, I remember the times when we have to sneak in and held hands with one another, or discuss on games or stories just to have something to talk to and be super cheesy like, "you're my're my're my everything" stuff... and we were still in high school! Can you believe we said that?... 
AND OF COURSE... who else can forget those heartaches like what Eleanor and Park experienced...
But their moment didn't end just like the other stories... the writer is so intelligent that she has to end it tragically unique which is actually an acceptable reason for the two young love to be separated...
I myself even agreed that they should have some space. They were sooo in love that I am sure Eleanor will indeed become pregnant and given her status, I bet no one wants her to be! haha. 

And my favorite part of realization was... When I'm almost near the ending and I secretly hoped that they will still be together in the end because there love was so perfect, right? Like they were really meant to be! so I did hope that there's this part of the page where "After 10 years, they met again and smiled at each other and they lived happily ever after"

BUT HEY! IT DIDN'T HAPPEN (Spoiler Alert). They did break up! and I got so disappointed when I can't read anymore of their story because it's the last part... I got a bit mad and curious if they really did break up...
Eleanor and Park did break up but they were still young... What if when they reached adulthood, they'll meet again? or what if Park found another girl and learned to love again? What if... what if...


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Sunday, April 13, 2014

She's Dating the Gangster Review

I have a confession to make... I'm 23 years old... yet I still read books which teenagers love to read. haha.
It all started with instagram. Yep, it's my way of discovering on which ebook I should read. and it's where I discovered that they are also creating a movie inspired from a particular story published on Wattpad... just like what happened to "Diary ng Panget".

This particular story is entitled, "She's Dating the Gangster". INTRIGUING Title, right?
I once read in a site that the author thought of Kim and Gerald duo while writing this one, though now that a trending couple is on the rise, she chose Kath and DJ to fulfill the role instead which I think is a great choice. NO, I AM NOT ONE OF THEIR FANS. haha don't judge me. But while reading the story, I can really associate the book characters with them.

Anyway, at first, I thought this book is for teenagers, BUT in the end, after reading it...I realized... yeah, IT IS meant for teenagers. haha. It's a great book though! I had to spend 2 days during my free time to finish the story. I admire the writer for letting us remember our FIRST LOVE, that sometimes, no matter how much we have moved on or no matter how much we have loved someone else now, we will still cherish our past. There will still be that "connection" from our past relationship. But you know, even if that's the case, even if we still consider our past as "special", the one which we have at the moment is "different". We show our LOVE more and we feel MORE LOVED than before. 

I also love the part when Athena tried her best to move on with Lucas after they broke up with Kenji.
She kind of liked Lucas, kissed him in front of everybody and let herself participate in a wedding booth with him while Kenji was there...watching. I really admire that kind of story because the writer didn't let Athena become the major loser while her ex chose a different girl. Girls shouldn't be depressed after a break up. Gone are the days that they are left hanging in the air. THEY NEED TO MOVE ON! Haha.
I do feel sorry for Lucas though. He's a perfect guy, he was always there for Athena, when she's depressed, sick and all but even though he loves her, he limited their relationship because he knew that Athena and Kenji are the one who's supposed to be happy together, and not them. He was selfless. He's indeed a perfect guy.

I was a bit disappointed with the twist of the story. When Athena got "sick", it was okay for me... but when Kenji's ex got "sick" too and he had to choose which one to stick on with, eeemmm... I was turned off. I didn't like the idea of the two girls getting sick at the same time and the guy has to choose one. It would have been better if the antagonist faked her sickness just to get the attention of her ex boyfriend while the other one is really dying so that the guy will really realize on how dumb he was for choosing the wrong person. haha.

ANYWAY, I'm really not against the other nationality, but I didn't like it when they have to say a lot of Korean Words. It was really not necessary for the story. A few words is enough. It kind of ruined the moment because I had to read some lines which I can't understand. I like the story though. The ending is unique. Have you noticed that sad endings make more impact? When Kenji decided to end his life too because Athena died due to her sickness, I had some issues with it. If teenagers are your readers, I don't think they should be exposed to that kind of story. It would be great if the guy found another one, or the guy lives as is... BUT I DON'T KNOW... If I were to love that much and lose the one I love permanently, maybe, I would also feel and do the same. I don't know, I haven't experienced it and I don't want to experience it either. 

So there goes my review...WARNING: The flow and lines of the story is suited more for teenagers but ignore those things because all in all, it's a great ebook to read =)

'Till next time! I'm looking forward for their movie. =)

"Ganon na ba talaga tingin mo saken? Ang hirap kasi sayo ako na nga tong nasa tabi mo sa iba ka pa rin nakatingin. Hindi mo ba napapansin ha? You still don't know it, do you? Can't you feel it? Can't you fucking feel it?"
"Anong hindi ko napapansin? Ano bang hindi ko alam? Anong hindi ko maramdaman?"
"I like you, you idiot!"
"Ako ba hinde?!” 
― Bianca B. BernardinoShe's Dating the Gangster

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014 LBD for 70% off

I once read in a book that women who only expose a bit of their skin attracts men more than women who show everyyything. For example,most men prefer women with a long skirt but with a high slit than those who wear a mini skirt. They like ladies who wear a sheer dress rather than those with a bikini outfit. Why? Because men are always curious. The more that they can't get something right away, the more that they will strive to get it. I don't know, maybe it's in their genes. BUT one bad thing is, they get tired of things easily. Once their curiosity ends, they start to leave.

So... what's the connection of this to my post? Well, let's just say that clothes which show a bit of skin but not too much are a trend in the fashion industry. Clothes with holes on both waist, with a large hole on the back, or the cropped top ones are consistently being liked by a lot of women. It's like, clothes inspired by peep toe shoes.

If you're willing to take some risk in terms of clothing, here's a great dress for you.

It's the famous little black dress with a twist. It's classy and edgy at the same time. You can see that it's a tight fitting dress with a sheer cloth from the shoulder part down to the arms. There are also holes on the waist where you can show off your skin which makes the dress a bit edgy and into trend. Plus,well, you can make every guy lucky if they're able to invite you to a slow dance while wearing this dress.

Here are some information which was taken from
  • Silhouette:Sheath
  • Neckline:Jewel, Illusion
  • Waist Type:Dropped
  • Sleeve Length:Long Sleeve
  • Back Details:Illusion
  • Hemline /Train:Hip-high Length
  • Embellishment:Cut-out
  • Fabric:Chiffon
  • Style:Chic/Modern, Sexy/Wild
  • Body Shape:Petite, Misses, Hourglass, Inverted Triangle, Rectangle
  • Events:Business Reception, Anniversary, Charity Ball, Dinner/Banquet, Cocktail Party, Cruise Ship, Holiday Party, Casino
  • Color Family:Black
  • Shown Color:Black
  • Shipping Weight :1.3KG
  • Processing Time:8-16 Business Days
  • Shipping Time:3-5 Business Days

If you're the type of girl who doesn't like showing their skin at the back, it's okay... no worries because the sheer texture of the dress goes all the way to the back. You can wear it with boots or flats or any type of heels, of any color since LBD goes well with everything. Anyway, if you're interested, feel free to visit 

Seductive in Black Jewel Neck Cocktail Dress with Illusion Embellishment

is currently on SALE for 70% so from $ 336. 82, it went down to $ 97.99! Aside from that, you also have 65% off for you shipping. This promo will end after 6 days so well... if you're interested, go ahead.

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KUDOS! and Stay Beautiful!
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