Thursday, September 5, 2013

UK Derm Erase

 Hey there! Do you have scars, wrinkles, pimples, freckles, stretch marks or dark elbows and knees? I bet all of us have! You see, scars contain memories, wrinkles determine age and stress, pimples reflect your hormones, freckles identify your race, stretch marks show your hardships and dark elbows or knees hmmmm, well, maybe they can tell how long you stay in front of your computer. =)

I have a big scar on my forehead, zit scars and whiteheads on my nose and chin area and that is why I have always been on the verge of concealing them. I've used foundations and concealers to even out those hyper pigmentation on my skin but I got tired and somehow dismayed because I wanted my skin to breathe and I don't like putting too much foundation when I go out so I've always wanted to treat my pimples marks instead of hiding them. When I was in the grocery beauty section, I saw this eRAse UK DERM ERASE and guess what, I grabbed it immediately!

So... packaging wise...IT IS EFFECTIVE! The writings scars, wrinkles, pimples and so on contributed a lot in grabbing the attention of the customers.

At the back, you can clearly see the details such as the product information, formulation, directions for use, precaution, warning, storage condition and a step by step process on how you can use their other products for a more effective way of erasing your scars and pimple marks. 

The product contains Tretionoin which is a derivative of Retionoic Acid or Vitamin A. It is a treatment choice for whiteheads and blackheads and it is also the only formula proven to reduce wrinkles.

 Okay, this one costs 99 pesos. At first you might be hesitant to buy it because by looking at the product size, it's too small for a hundred pesos! It does not look practical! But don't be deceived by the appearance because a little goes a long way. You are only advised to apply a thin layer so the 250 mcg/ml product will lasts your for like 3 to 4 months =)

When you open the lid, you will see this roll on applicator so you won't waste a lot of product upon applying on your skin and you have more control in terms of application.
I once dropped this small bottle from my waist level down to the floor and fortunately, it didn't break! Another thumbs up! The solution has a certain smell but it's okay. It's not that strong and pungent. 
When you put it on your face, it gives your skin an oily consistency so I suggest that you use this one at night, before you sleep so when you wake up, all you have to do is to wash your face, scrub it a little to remove the flakes and apply moisturizer.

I've been using this anti-acne/pigmentation solution for like 3 weeks now and so far, I'm satisfied with it! My whiteheads which are so hard to remove since they keep on coming back on my chin area just below the lips are now slowly disappearing. I've also observed an improvement on my deep scar on my forehead! Seriously! I've had this scar for like 16 years now. I'm not really conscious on my scar but I like how the product has improved it. I can also see a slight improvement on my hyper pigmentation but I'm still on the process of flaking off. Few hours ago, I've noticed that the area where I've put more products became flaky and a bit dry so don't forget to moisturize your face. You also doesn't have to use it every night. At least give your skin a 2-3 days of rest from cosmetic products.

One lesson that you have to keep in mind is to have a lot of patience. Don't expect that when you use it, you will see the result after one week because that's not how it works. It works slowly by time. All you have to do is to include this on your night routine and you will never forget about it.

That's it. I'll update you when I have the chance. I'll wait for another 3 weeks more so I can fully achieve the effects of this product =) But, so far, so good. =)

Ciao for now! 

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