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Ciate Mini Mani Month Nail Polish Set

I know, this post is soooo early for Christmas haha. But the thing is, I just received this package and I so love it that I decided to make a blog post. If you're fond of painting your nails, I bet you're familiar now with CIATE which at first popularized caviar nails. There are a lot of dupes out there but I tell you, caviar nails from Ciate is still the best. I discovered this brand from Michelle Phan's youtube videos and I've always wanted to try it since then. 

I went through their website and I found out that one nail polish costs 9 pounds so if you'll convert it to our currency here in the Phillipines, it costs 670 pesos! or $15 teeheee... 

But since I'm so lucky this year, I'm able to try A LOT of fun nail polish colors, glitters and caviars from them. If you're interested in buying one, go here >>>CLICK HERE They still offer this christmas gift set at 25% off.
so it's now Php 2004.85

Are you familiar with Benefit Cosmetics' Christmas Box Set? It's also the same with this one. When you open the box, you can see some random numbers from 1 to 24 and what you'll gonna do is to open each mini box per day. But if you're a cheater like me hahah you can open them all. (Christmas is over anyway). I even opened them all just right after I got it from the post office haha. Talkin' about being excited...But hey! I waited for a month before I'm able to get these babies on my hand. My looonng patience really made it all worth the wait.

Here's a sample on what it looks like inside. You'll be able to get one mini nail polish and a quote can also be seen when you flip the numbers. This one says, "Some people dream of having a big swimming pool. With me, it's closets" - Audrey Hepburn. hahah. Yeah, I agree with her. Other quotes include, "Don't be bitter, glitter." , "Life is too short to wear boring nail polish" and so on... Opening each mini box is like being a child once again who unwraps her Christmas present. The colors are so cute.

Ciate Mini Mani Month Set includes:
- 17 mini Paint Pots
- An exclusive full-size Paint Pot
- Two exclusive Caviar Manicure™ blends
- An exclusive loose sprinkle Glitter Pot
- An exclusive Sequin Pot
- Two mini luxe Treatments
- A clever funnel  

I'm so sorry, my camera didn't give enough justice but in personal, they all look so great. My favorites are the pastel ones. I even got more excited when I got two caviar manicure blends!

Here's a cleared picture of the set. Photo credits to

I picked my top favorite nail polish. First one is a more of like a nude color with slight glitters. They looked classy and simple when I tried it on my nails. You can use it as a base or just as it is if you want a "Less is More" vibe. Second is a glitter with a mix of gold, red and orange which you can put it over your plain nail polish just to add a spice of nail art. Too bad, I didn't received it this Christmas because it's the perfect glitter for that season. Next in line are these pastel blue and lavander. I also love the pastel green nail polish wherein the shade resembles that of Tiffany and Co. trademark color. In fact, I had a hard time in choosing which pastel nail polish I should bring with me because they all look cute and fun. Lastly, is a deep red nail polish which can be great for formal events or for a more mature look.

Here's the back portion of the box. You can see all the colors and corresponding names of the nail polishes which are included in the set. I actually tried some and I didn't expect that expensive Ciate nail polish smells like that. It's just like the same ordinary products but with a stronger scent. However, they're so easy and smooth to apply and they dry up faster too. One coat is great when you don't want that too much color on your nails but you can add another layer if you really want to let the shade to stand out. I'm really impressed with their caviars! they're so lightweight and the colors...ugghh! haha. If you're a collector of nail polish, you should really grab one of these.

Anyway, to end this post... let me give my thanks to who conducted this giveaway. I love it! thank you so much. Check out here blog in case you're interested in fashion, design and beauty products. =) and of course, a big thanks to Ciate for these awesome nail polish!

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