Friday, June 6, 2014

Lost Passport

Have you ever been outside the country? Are you the type of an individual who doesn't have a habit of organizing your things and keeps on forgetting where you put your stuff? and Can you imagine the worst thing that might happen if these type of situations are combined? Well… easy answer. Overseas+Unorganized+Forgetful= LOST PASSPORT. Hahah. Yayks.

Lost Passport means worst reality. I swear. Never mind those lost money or lost clothes because they can easily be replaced. Well, you can also replace your passport but if you’re on a tight schedule and you’re in a foreign country, it’ll be a disaster and a big hassle on your part to process the replacement and since you are lazy and a novice when it comes to this stuff… how can you manage the problem?

  1. 1.       DON’T BE FORGETFUL

You should always know where you have recently put your stuff. This might really be a challenge to some because believe it or not, we do forget a lot of things most of the time especially when stressed or exhausted. Have some rest, eat healthy foods, exercise and try be stress free once in a while. But what if you really are forgetful???

  1. 2.       ORGANIZE.

Well…since you have a habit of forgetting where you have recently put your things, then it might be better if you learn to organize. Grab a small drawer or a container and put your important things there. Separate your travel documents and organized it as highly important because losing your passport or visa can really be your worst problem. One advice from me is to use a transparent envelope or paper organizer so you can see what’s inside immediately.


Before I lost my passport, I threw this large envelope where it contained some papers and my passport because I had to transfer what’s inside to a smaller envelope. So I kept on thinking before that maybe I failed to transfer ALL of the things that’s inside from the large envelope and maybe I also threw my passport because I failed to check if there are still things remaining in that envelope. For a few days I kept on asking myself, “what ifs”. So always make it a habit that before you throw, be sure to check everything first.

  1. 4.       ASK FOR HELP.

If you can’t find your passport, ask your family/friends and colleagues first. Ask them when was the last time they notice you holding your passport. You might be shy and hesitant to ask them at first but believe me… it’s better to ask than to not have asked at all.  Before, I informed my family and they told me it was not with them either, then I asked my few colleagues whom I am close to though no results as well. And when I asked one certain colleague, she told me she just saw it recently and that it might have been with our manager already. And that was the time when I realized…yeah, it’s with my manager the whole time. SILLY ME.

  1. 5.        RELAX and PRAY.

If you will panic, believe me. Nothing will happen. So just be at your relaxed state as much as possible and THINK. You can think better in that way anyway. When you have exhausted all your efforts though… learn to pray and ask for help. You can also ask for a miracle. Hahah. Promise, it does work sometimes.

I can say that it's really one of the worst moments of my life. I know I should have reported immediately the moment I realized it was lost but I knew before that it's somewhere hidden in our apartment or workplace, that I just misplaced it so I did not report it, So after weeks of sleepless nights and not having a peace of mind… I realized that my passport is with my employer this whole time… I’m forgetful, remember? haha.

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