13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why is a tv series about a girl named Hannah who commited suicide and after her death, she left 13 tapes which contained her records narrating what happened to her prior her suicide. Her tapes contained 13 names and those people are the reasons why she killed herself.

Admit it or not, we've all been "Hannah" in our lives too. Depression is a complicated state because sometimes we get so confused and ask ourselves "Am I depressed?" and we start to search on google "Signs of Depression" We've all felt that "emptyness" in our lives but the difference between us who are living right now and Hannah, is that we somehow managed to continue our lives despite all the struggles we've faced. But well if you've watched tape 12, you'll realize what triggered her suicide most because if I were here, I'd be at lost too.
When problems pile up one by one, sometimes we can't handle the pressure and stress too. We don't want to get up, eat, work, nor go outside. We just want to stay in bed and sleep all day long hoping that when we wake up, problems are already solved. But well, that's not the case in reality.
Life is full of struggles and stress but it depends on us on how we can deal with it. 

Whenever you feel "depressed" or "sad", ask for help and choose the person who can help you.
I've been there once. I came to a point when I felt "empty" or I felt "nothing" like as if I don't care anymore. I can't even eat properly, I lost weight, I lost interest in my work and in going out with friends, it was like all my happy hormones had gone off. Stress has piled up in my life before. When I couldn't handle the stress anymore, like if I were to have one more stressor, I'd go crazy, I left a chat message to my trusted friend and told her about what I felt. We went out few days after to destress and I was okay again.

We can't judge Hannah for her decision because we never knew how she felt at those times. We all have differences in handling pressure and stress in life so small things can be a big deal for others. When you do something wrong to another person, you don't know if it might have been the last big impact on the person's problematic state. So the lesson here is, every person is already facing different struggles in life so don't cause another reason to make that person's life difficult. 


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