Symbols and Myths

We were out with some good old friends and as my friends came with me on my new place, on my new "room", there was this white moth flying over us. A little strange because there's just one in a million chance that a moth will come to our apartment. No trees, no nature, but only buildings and noisy cars on the street.
Well I didn't mind at first but few hours after, I became so supertitious that I searched the meaning online and I even called my grandma for she might give me the symbol behind it. Lola said it's a symbol that money will come in my life. For Google, it symbolizes the soul of a person who died and some cultures believe that it's a soul's way of saying their final goodbye.

So me being the type of person who likes to interpret things and asks for signs, it is somehow depressing but more on relief on my part.
My grandfather died few months ago and it's like the 2nd or 3rd time since then that I have seen butterfly or moth appearing out of nowhere. I am saddened by the fact that it somehow reminds me that physically, he is not with us anymore but still I am delighted as with his spirit or soul, he never leaves us especially in times when I feel so down with my life.

Well, his timings are always right... that's all I can say for now...



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