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Hong Kong Part 1

I often choose a path where it is more convenient for me but this one was different and challenging.  I got bored having the same routine whenever I go home for annual vacation and since I was in the mood for an adventure, I decided to book a flight with an 18 hour-layover in Hong Kong. Which means, I can go out in the airport and tour the city for a while. So, considering my personality (who rather want to have a company when going out because I get stupid sometimes especially in directions), it took me a lot of courage and maturity to click "BOOK A FLIGHT" and travel ALONE. I don't know why I chose this path but all I know is that after this, I'll have something to tick on my bucket list during my lifetime.

I arrived HK at around 7 am and since my expected departure is late in the evening, I had ample of time to tour the city PLUS this amazing view of sunrise while on the plane. So after arrival, they have a baggage store facility where people can leave their stuf…


I once had a routine... work, sleep, work, sleep, work sleep... then I got bored. So whenever I feel like I need a new environment where not all white walls can be seen, I go out and see some random places. So please tolerate my little dose of happiness and feel free to spread the happy pills.